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But hey, if you want more teasers or something, that’s fair I guess. Whatever, maybe they should release some.

Do you know what a debunking is? Do you know what a logical fallacy is? Aside from anything else, you use both of these terms wrongly. You belong to a subset of young men who seemed to have learned the language and terminology of rational discourse, but don’t actually understand what any of it means. You seem to think if you simply pepper any random blog post with ‘logical fallacy’ or ‘objectivity’ or any other such big word, you will come across as clever.

It’s taken a while (over the past two seasons) for each player to find their roles, accept them, and gel as a team, he added, but it’s working now.

Obviously I cannot say the same of everyone, but it’s probably, hopefully, largely the case. (and I would think, if someone is genuinely unhinged enough, anything may be enough trigger a psychotic axe-wielding attack. Skyrim would be fairly low on the list, though).

Moisture Analyzer

The Power Discrete Device Market report also takes into account the key factors responsible for driving the growth of the Power Discrete Device Industry, along with the key hindrances and challenges. Furthermore, the Power Discrete Device Market report analyzes the industry from a 360-degree perspective, I.e. from the supply side and demand side, which enables the users to gain granular details of the entire ecosystem of the market. Finally, a top-down approach and bottom-up approach is ensued, in order to arrive at the ultimate research findings. Owing to the presence of leading competitors, the Global Power Discrete Device Market appears to be highly competitive.


Secretlab already makes some of the best gaming chairs out there, but the Dark Knight Edition really ratchets things up in the style department. If you’re a big Batman fan, or just want all black everything, the Dark Knight Edition is worth a look.

“you must have no positive women in your life. Or pay a lot for child support.” Way to go, you insulted someone’s ability to find a mate along with their status as a father. That really proved that you’re a level-headed person who isn’t at all here to stir up some shit, eh? /s

Moisture Analyzer

Thermometers were not provided in the refrigeration units. The wiping cloths intended for use on customer tables or food contact surfaces must be sanitized in between uses.

What brave and selfless souls these men are… fighting for their right to criticize Anita for making money off the social justice crowd by making money off of the MRA crowd.

as a casual observer, you seem to have a huge case of “butting into other people’s marital lives-itis”. this annoying, pesky mental disorder renders you completely unable to remove your nose from other people’s business. guess what, some couples wish to engage in completely, utterly monogamous marriages!!! even shaykhs!! and both partners in those monogamous marriages have every right to resent other people trying to horn in on their marriage or causing fitnah and jealousy in their marriages!! you spout off about manners, but have nothing to say about what terrible manners it is to attempt to interfere in the private business of other people’s marriages, and without a shred of recognition of your own hypocrisy. “sheikh and wife are not fools” is perfectly within her rights to tell other women to leave her husband alone, and perfectly within her rights to remind the rest of the world that her husband is not a piece of pie, or meat, or whatever repulsive analogy abu j wants to make. married couples have every right to state in no uncertain terms that both spouses are OFF-LIMITS to anyone and everyone, and they have every right to assert this publicly. just as polygamy was made permissible, even more assuringly monogamy was made permissible too, and there is nothing wrong with men and women asserting their rights to monogamy and their rights to have their marital preferences respected by every individual they come in contact with. why on earth do so many of the people who want to shove polygamy down everyone’s gullet not have the same respect for men and women’s rights to choose monogamy? how about equal respect for either situation.

“Right, so just to prove your point you’ve spammed this page with a load of youtube videos made mostly by raging misogynists” So let’s play your game then – show me a single case of any of them displaying misogyny. Nay, wait – you said “mostly”, let’s see you show how MOST of them have done that ;)

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