• PP fume hood

    PP fume hood

    PP fume hood is fume hood made of pure polypropylene panels. Because the polypropylene chemical feature, PP furniture are prominent furniture for both strong and slight corrosive environment. PP fume hood Standard Size:1200/1500/1800*850*2350mm Material Main Body :Made of Porcelain white PP, thickness 8 mm, Resistant to strong acid, alkali and anti-corrosion. Work Table P white worktop,thickness 8 mm, Standard Accessory: Fluorescent lamp, Air value,Base cabinet, Sash window max Opening: ...
  • Intelligent Fume hood

    Intelligent Fume hood

    Specification Model Model Model Fume hood parameters PRANDTL-S PRANDTL-A PRANDTL-PP-S Manufacturer Sateri Group Sateri Group Sateri Group Brand PRANDTL PRANDTL PRANDTL Reference Standard ASHRAE、EN14175. JB/T6412 JB/T222 ASHRAE、EN14175、JB/T6412 JB/T222 ASHRAE. EN14175. JB/T6412 JB/T222 Patented technology Circumferential air supply double extension system Circumferential air supply double extension system Circumferential air supply double extension system Safety perform...
  • PP Fume Hood High-end

    PP Fume Hood High-end

    Product Description :Overall material used white PP(polypropylene) plates,seamless welding rod through the same color treatment to ensure the cabinet strong and tightness. Door handles and hinges,by a PP injection molding material produced. PP material laboratory furniture has excellent corrosion resistance. Material Main Body :Made of Porcelain white PP, thickness 8 mm, Resistant to strong acid, alkali and anti-corrosion. Standard Size:1200/1500/1800*850*2280 mm Work Table P white worktop,t...
  • Aerial fog system

    Aerial fog system

    Main Functions: 1. High efficiency Humidification: water consumption 8.4L per hour, 100% atomization, and one single unit can make the humidity up to 50% within 2min. 2. Cooling the indoor temperature: 100% evaporate, can reduce the indoor temp very quickly. 3. High-efficiency dust suppression: during spray, it can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions which will neutralize positive charges so as to absorb and gather the dust particles and then drop down. 4. Disinfection and medicat...
  • Weighing Balance

    Weighing Balance

      MODE​L XY200-2C XY300-2C XY500-2C XY600-2C XY1000-2C XY2000-2C CAPACITY 210g 310g 510g 610g 1100g 2100g ACCURACY  III RESOLUTION 0.01g REPEATABILITY ±0.02g LINER ±0.03g STAB.TIME ≤3 S OP.TEMP 17.5℃~22.5℃ PANSIZE Ф130mm DIMENSION 270*195*65(L×W×H)mm POWER Power adopter CALIBRATION External N.WEIGHT 1.5kg G.WEIGHT 2.5kg PACKINGSIZE         330*230*135(L×W×H)mm INTERFACE RS232(Option)
  • UV Sterilizer Ozone Sterilization Cabinets

    UV Sterilizer Ozone Sterilization Cabinets

    Model ST001 ST002 ST003 H*W*D    mm H1850*W600*D590 H1850*W900*D590 H1850*W900*D590 Adjustable shelf 1 2 2 Door type Single door Double door Three door Features UV Sterilizer Ozone timing disinfection cabinet Be made of 1.0 mm cold-rolled and molded steel sheets or galvanized sheet, coated with static EPOXY RESIN powder for resisting acid, alkali, solvent and high temperature. Intelligent ozone generation system and UV Sterilizer light*2 Adjustable cross-bar 1-4 pcs according to...
  • Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Disinfection Tablet

    Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Disinfection Tablet

    Product name:chlorine dioxide effervescent disinfection tablet Application: used for air, water, object surface and other environmental disinfection, food grade. Caution: keep away from children and do not eat it; seal the lid in time and store it in a cool and dry place. Active Ingredient: CIO2 Effective chlorine content:8%士0.8% Specification: 100 tablets, each tablet weighs 1 g. Shelf life: 1 year Production date:on the bottle Usage: dissolve the disinfectant tablet in a proper amount of w...
  • Ductless filtered storage cabinet

    Ductless filtered storage cabinet

    Introduction: Filtered storage cabinet is designed for the storage of toxic chemicals, applicable to various fields and various chemicals. Purify the air inside the cabinet, purify the air of the lab.  Features: 1. No duct, easy to install, no exhaust gas, modern and environmental protection 2. Optional filtration module system according to a variety of experiment needs 3. Advanced module filtration technology, full absorption of toxic vapor, particle and dust, etc 4. No consumption of air co...
  • Biological Safety Cabinet

    Biological Safety Cabinet

    Product Advantage 1. UV Lamp for sterilization. 2. Motorized front glass window. 3. Adjustable air speed: 9 levels. 4. Alarm when filter working time 3500 hours. 5. With air velocity memory function in case of power failure. 6. Back side air compensation, to avoid turbulence in work area. 7.10°slope front ergonomics design, fatigue-free working posture. 8. Microprocessor control system, LED display.LED display filter working time. 9. Transparent side glass windows maximize light and visibilit...
  • Disinfectant spray Entrance gate

    Disinfectant spray Entrance gate

    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Sateri Group Dmat human face recognition and temperature detection is researched and developed independently.It’s based on face thermal imaging temperature detection,it is including binocular live-body anticounterfeiting function and high temperature “ID card and people face comparison+body temperature detection”and “people photo and people face comparison +body temperature detection” these two product forms can fulfill diffident application scenario ,meanwhile the inte...
  • Ductless medical fume hood

    Ductless medical fume hood

    Clinic and Medical Ductless Fume Hood With Filter System Clean Ductless Chemical Laboratory price of Fume Hood   HT series filtering fume hood can provide safer protection for laboratory personnel and environment against toxic fume, it has been widely accepted as the replacement of conventional fume hood. Distinguish from conventional fume hood, filtering fume hood can absorb chemical fume and circulate safe airflow back to laboratory. It saves energy meanwhile protects personnel and environm...
  • Durable Medical surgical KN95mask N95 face mask with CE&FDA certificate

    Durable Medical surgical KN95mask N95 face mask with CE&FDA certificate

    Product Specification: Item Type:Facial mask Color:blue Feature:Durable Usage:Provent from virus Size(S):17.5cm*9.5cm Features    
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