• Disinfection for Medium and  Small Farms

    Disinfection for Medium and Small Farms

    Disinfection for Medium and  Small Farms Hand-push Type   Rated Voltage/Frequency Power Medicine Tank Capacity Spray Amount Mist Droplet Size Static Wind Lift Swing   angle AC220V/50Hz 600W 60L 60L/h 20-60µm 12-15m 90°
  • Mobile cart

    Mobile cart

    Model AG-LPT0068 Size 750*450*1000mm   Technica Parameters 1 Made of high-strengh ABS material. 2 One-piece ABS plastic top board with arc handle and raised-edge design,covered transparent soft plastic glass. 3 With four aluminum columns. 4 1 drawer,inner with dividers can be organized easily and freely,label cards for the trolley and drawers. 5 Dust basket,stainless steel guard rail,IV pole 6 Four luxurious noiseless casters,two with brakes
  • Pegboard


    Material: High grade PP Type : Single faced Tray hole for water drainage Detachable peg : Convenient for use Installation : Panel mounted/deck mounted PP pegs: 50pcs,used by beaker, long test tube and small test tube. Color : Black, White, Grey
  • Water drop shelf

    Water drop shelf

    Water drop shelf: made of 12.7mm thick corrosion-resistant black solid physiochemical board. Stainless steel fume hood Steel Fume hood for chemistry lab : Size:1200*800*2350mm Worktop:12.7mm thickness anti-corrosion black C-SPC ,16mm/19mm/25mm epoxy resin, customized as your requirement. Cabinet:  high quality 1.0mm thickness cold-rolled steel ,the surface is sprayed with high temperature epoxy resin powder ,anti-acid and alkali corrosion. Inside lining、Air  deflector:use 5mm thickness ceram...
  • Fan


     1. Ventilation duct fan is combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology. 2.The sizes of inlet duct and outlet duct are the same. 3.Connected the fan and piping. 4.Special housing could reduce noise and vibration, best design on the impeller base on aerodynamics. 5.Design for blow, exhaust, circle, renew and filtration. 6.Used in hotel marketplace gymnasium supermarket store room and most of public place. 7.Consist of housing, impeller, motor, base and connection box. 8.Hydroponic c...
  • Fume extractor

    Fume extractor

    Joint:High grade be 360″swiveled,easy to dismantle, assemble &clean Sealing ring: Low-friction treated rubber Center bolt:304stainless steel Adjustable joint knob: Totally brass with a s/s bearing inside locked with center bolt Damper:To adjust air flow with a knob manually Dome/cup hood: High grade PP/PC Tube:50mm/75mm/110mm aluminum alloy Swing device: with 360swing device,take fixed rack as centre, max enabing movement radius to 1000mm Installation Bracket: Injection of pla...
  • Lab chair

    Lab chair

    Product Name: ESD synthetic leather chair furniture laboratory Model: PT-010210 Material: Vinyl/High elastic sponge/Eucalyptus wood Seat Size(w*d): 440*400mm Back Size(w*h) 380*290mm Function Tilt backrest with adjustable tension control Height Adjustable Range: 400-540mm(distance from seat to ground) Base: 550mm/20*50mm High-quality cold-rolled steel pipe stamping forming, electroplating Wheels: PA Nylon,Fixed and Moveable optional ESD Version: System resistance 10E4-10E...
  • Lab cock

    Lab cock

    Material: Solid Brass,provide perfect chemical stableness & high endurable to the corrosion and contamination of chemical angetia Valve Core: Ceramic and seal structure Surface Coat: High brightness epoxy resin coating Categories: Single-head/double-head/tripe-head/four-head(Outlets Quantity) Wall mounted/bench-top mounted/ceiling mounted(Assembly Method)  
  • Lab sink

    Lab sink

    Color : Black, Withe, Gray The overflow pipe and the water tank are integrally formed to prevent the waste water from overflowing the sink surface, which improves the safety of the laboratory. Material : 100%high grade PP,resistant to most chemicals and organic rolvent, such as Aqua Regia and performance with durability and flexibility.Thickness : 5-8 millimeter
  • Exhaust hood

    Exhaust hood

    3 Joints lab fume extractor’specificaiton as follow : Joint:high grade PP,to be 360 angle,swiveled,dismantled & assembled easily for cleaning Guiding ring:Low-friction treated rubber Center bolt:304 stainless steel Adjustable joint knob:high grade PP with a moded-in s/s bearing locking with center bolt Damper:to manually adjust air flow with a knob Dome/cupboard:high grade PP/PC Tube:Ø75mm PP 360° swing device:enabling movement radius to max.1600mm Installation bracket:injection of ...
  • Eye wash

    Eye wash

    Body: Solid brass Spray head: Soft rubber, softened water spray for eye protection Dust cap: PP, removed automatically when eye wash is operated Switch: Automatic trigger locking for easy hand-free use Valve: Non-return valve, shut off automatically . Hose: Length 1.5m,PVC pipe with stainless steel wire braided,wrapped by PE pipe relief from rust and leakage Max. working pressure:6BarMin water pressure: 4bar The Eye Wash Filter Protector is to be installed at the front of Eyewash hose with fi...

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