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That’s the sole purpose of “rape XYZ” terms. They’re there to allow feminists to imply that men are a bunch of rapists even though statistics prove the vast majority of them didn’t rape anyone. When someone feels accused (as these terms are designed to make them feel) they have a human instinct to defend themselves; by making the grossly fallacious claim that defending oneself proves the implicit accusation, the feminist can mentally bully many people into going to great lengths to prove that they’re not part of the mythical rapey group.

I never claimed to have conducted any extensive research. Your butthurt/impotent rage level is so high it has you reading into shit that isn’t even there. You claim to have seen the videos, yet you deny there is anything that refutes Sarkeesian when the videos do just that. What would be the point in posting info already covered in those videos? Videos you claimed to have watched? You’re a snivelling, disingenuous little bitch who now suddenly wants this deep debate after your attempt at delivering insults backfired. You are deserving of only my mockery and contempt .

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Drainpipes do not have adequate space above top of floor sink. Trim drain below three-compartment sink.

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Lakin fired off its trademark 3s with the rapidity of a Gatling gun Friday night, aiming 38 to the basket and hitting 13 of them.

You keep saying that, but so far all you have to back it up is “no reasonable person…” Which is exactly the strong-arm bullshit everyone who isn’t in the SJW camp is fed up with. You create a fake dichotomy where you either believe that all video games — fucking video games, mind you, not even real things happening in the real world outside of Tumblr — are systematically damaging women the world over and Anita is Susan B Anthony OR you’re a misognystic gamer neckbeard who sends death threats and hates all women. Which is just nonsense on its face because if you can pull your head out of the asshole that is the yellow journalism (see: this article) over the last week you would realize that gamers are not a collective and only a small number of individuals who call themselves gamers are NOT on the side that opposes death threats and harassment.

And that’s only to the extent that it’s about “thinking” or “changing your thinking” in the first place – feminism is mainly a form of social and political activism, and it’s also a worldview made up of empirical claims and specific values. That’s got jack to to do with “philosophy”.

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Good Quality Sink Cabinet -<br />
 Computer cabinet - Sateri

Anita Sarkeesian is not making the same arguments from the same position. She isn’t rifling through the video game collection of convicted rapists and saying “aha! evidence of why he raped!” nor is she campaigning that any game that uses sexist tropes should be banned. If in discussing the future of games as a medium, she is positing that representations of women being more positive would be a good thing, and more variety of those representations would be a good thing, she is not saying that broshooter 390820 shouldn’t exist or have a demographic that enjoys it, or that games should be ‘dumbed down’ or ‘feminized’.

I was not only an English student but also a college level English professor while I was in grad school, so you can stop with the pedantic sophistry about how papers are done. You’re being extremely disingenuous.

The problem sometimes with some of those who attend such lectures, it’s not only the problem of sistas with shakhy crushes but also other more common problems of wrong intentions or niats. in some places, some people may attend such lectures or classes because it’s a good opportunity for the cliques to get together & catch up with each other on the latest happenings in their lives, people who are part of these cliques enjoy going to such lectures for this reason. Of course I am not saying that it’s a sin to socialise but that’s the main reason why they are so enthusiastic ! It doesnt necessarily mean some of them are really soo religious but it’s important for them to be seen to appear religious. Such lectures are one of the few modes of muslims in some community to socialise.

Be sure to continually refresh stickers on foods held at room temperature. The inspector found tomatoes, cheese and lettuce on the cook line that was past its four-hour allowance. Repair the hand sink adjacent to the drive-through-window for employee use immediately. The fixtures are dirty. Please clean the men’s and women’s bathrooms to sanitary conditions. Mops must be air-dried. Purchase pest control boxes as a preventative measure to help ensure no mice enter the food establishment.

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