Japan to Seek to Prevent Foreign Workers Drifting to Cities | Document Cabinet

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 Aerial fog system – Sateri

In a statement, the Government is refusing to confirm if these are the options being considered tomorrow.

I wouldn’t let that factual inaccuracy slide either and I don’t want to perpetuate it, so I’ll be careful at how I choose my wording in future. She has a degree. Period. The fact that she has a degree is an academic endorsement. I apologise for stating otherwise. Glad we also agree that what said endorsement is worth is up for debate. IMO, it is not worth much, given that (serious, academic)flaws are allowed in her masters thesis and a degree is still awarded.

Having a partition is Quran and Sunnah?! I thought people knew that a partition is not from the Sunnah, although it is permissible if there is a need for it.

You know, I am way too up on my rape stats, friend. We can dance all day on your insensitive WC. For the sake of argument, let’s just say that most of you normal people don’t shout out rape threats like you mean them, and I’ll continue to ignore people who do.

Analytical Balance

sometimes i think sheikhs dont realize it but their public behavior needs to be slightly more reserved. the hearts of women are easily moved…i think there is a hadith about the prophet telling some dude w/ him a servant maybe..? to not sing or something cuz of the fragile vessels..like he’s talking about maybe not inadvertently affecting the women? can somehow clarify.

If you’re already fairly enlightened about that kind of stuff, it won’t make you think otherwise, no. But then, nobody is saying it will.

The SecretLab Omega with SoftWeave fabric is a comfortable, sturdy gaming chair that offers a pleasant alternative to faux leather.

All of the food service equipment is functioning properly. The walk-in refrigerator and freezer are both holding temperatures below 41 degrees F but the thermometers need to be calibrated. Please ensure that hand sinks have soap and towels available for employees before opening. The operator is free to open this facility to the public.

Analytical Balance

The AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI) installed in Japan at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is listed at number seven with a Linpack mark of 19.9 petaflops. The Fujitsu-built system is powered by Intel Xeon Gold processors, along with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

An uncovered container of egg-white omelettes was observed in the reach-in refrigerator past the establishment’s expiration date (but less than seven days from preparation). The operator voluntarily discarded it. Packaged crackers were stored under the drain line for the front hand sink. The operator relocated them and there was no evidence of contamination. Sanitizer concentration in the spray bottle for use in front of the house was less than 100 ppm quaternary ammonia. The operator emptied and re-filled the container with 200 ppm.

The lid to the bulk flour and rice storage bins is cracked. Repair or replace these non-food contact surfaces. The floor sink under the soda dispenser in the lobby is dirty or blocked.

You can’t ban things that haven’t happened yet. Yes, she states there is no excuse for clichéd regressive tropes (well…there isn’t, really. we can do better than that) – there isn’t a reason for it to continue – not a good one, anyways. But that’s beside the point, which is, she has no power to stop anyone putting regressive tropes in – or an entire game DEDICATED to portraying regressive tropes, if they so choose. So yes, however stated, that is a personal preference regarding the future of games.

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