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Being a public figure he should anticipate women being attracted to him and take precautions if he is truly sincere and does not enjoy the attention. There are some instructors I love for the sake of Allah bc they have strict rules with sisters, asking them to stand couple of feet away (and even reminding them when the get too close to step back). They realize what’s happening and are able to keep the sisters in check.

If you mean that we shouldn’t loose hope and become despondant, then I agree with you. Otherwise, being constantly wary of the shaytaan, bordering fear, seems to be the favoured disposition, Wallahu A’lam:

“White Knight = a man jumping in to defend / fight for a woman (in the face of criticism) because she’s a woman, not because she’s in the right.

However, she is capable of taking ANY instance of vaw, ANY non-positive portrayal, and in fact any instance of non-violence/protection and any positive portrayal, and construe them as sexist.

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The Nov. 20 document, obtained by the Star this week, offered various cost-cutting scenarios that amounted to as much as $2 billion this year and added up to $11 billion by 2024. The child benefit cut was suggested as a way to find $600 million – and avoid deep cuts to programs supporting victims of human trafficking, women and children fleeing domestic violence and Indigenous children and youth.

Titan, a Cray XK7 installed at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and previously the most powerful supercomputer in the US, is now the number nine system. It achieved 17.6 petaflops using NVIDIA K20x GPU accelerators.

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how does a person become a shaykh anyway? who decided when your a shaykh, like can you apply for a job to be a shaykh? is it a job title , or a title title like the difference between being Prof. Dude or Lord Dude

Bottom price Nsf Laminar Air Flow Hood -<br />
 Tool cabinet-combination - Sateri

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Just for ref with regards to pictures: Hadith – Bukhari 3:515, Narrated Abu Huraira I heard Allah’s Apostle saying; “Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).”

There is a connection, but only some of the time. A lot of simple-minded antifems go around with this automatic assumption that any man white-knighting for a woman MUST be doing it to get laid – though you’re just as stupid, really.

“Yep, telling someone you’re going to rape and murder them certainly has no negative effect on them whatsoever. I rarely throw professional courtesy to the wind, but kindly go fuck yourself.” It often doesn’t, and sometimes even has a positive effect (amusement, arousal etc.). It can also have a negative effect or be taken seriously which is why I don’t condone that, but just saying, said negative effect would generally be diminished a lot if the idea that it’s just trash talk, “nasty words on a screen”, not to be taken seriously and just one of those standard things you’ll encounter on the internet, as opposed to the horrible sign of oppression to be feared and taken at face value. Just saying :)

Midcap, Smallcap shares under pressure; 111 stocks hit 52-week low | School Laboratory Furniture Related Video:

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