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 Flytrap – Sateri

“Games would be better, and less problematic, if developers thought very carefully about how you responsibly portray serious, difficult subjects like sex trafficking and rape, instead of using them as cheap devices to wring blunt emotions out of players.” If their goal is to educate and make you think, then yes. If their goal is to arouse and entertain, then no.

Please make sure your chlorine sanitizer concentration reaches 75 ppm. Right now your machine is reaching about 50 ppm, so please adjust the machine accordingly.

I think believing in the conspiracy theory does justify her abuse, yes. If you think she’s out to destroy something you love, attacking back becomes justifiable and you start seeing it as a ‘war’ that you’re ‘fighting’, rather than a person you’re harassing.

Well said ,

 PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet

Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Set up wiping cloth buckets properly and at start of all shifts. Maintain wiping cloth buckets for use continually. Clean and sanitize ice machine interior. Also, all scoops need handles. Drain pipes do not have adequate space above top of floor sink.

3) This is our main point of contention. I’m not sure what you mean by “letting tropes come and go culturally”. I don’t think I can support your idea that it’s an entirely natural process, like the tides. It’s created by people. Whatever we create doesn’t come from a vacuum.

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Subhanallahi! the next day I got a complain, “what is this & that lecturer on the Ipod, whose recitation is this?” it didnt stop there… “ewww! his voice sounds so awful, some have back ground noise”… i kept patient & i advised her to listen to the content in order to gain the knowledge that you want to seek out…

 PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet


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Wow… so many words, and yet all those assertions you made still dangling in the air… just like your disappointed D-member when your feminist crush ran off with that chauvinist pigdog once again. If only she knew you were a a real man’s man using a real disqus account while defending maidens on the internet, her eyes full of trembling desire she’d jump on your faithful stand-by-er in no time for sure!

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