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Ensure food items in bulk containers are protected by keeping lids closed when not in use. A single-serve cup was used as a scoop in the bulk rice bin. Staff should use only provided scoops in bulk bins. A lemon wedge slicer was stored dirty. The person in charge had an employee add it to the dirty dishware pile to be washed. The soda fountain dispensing units (underside of dispenser) had some build-up on the splash area. The person in charge attests this is on the weekly deep cleaning schedule. Continue to have this portion of the soda fountain wiped down nightly when dispensing units are taken apart for cleaning. Ensure mops are not allowed to sit in dirty mop water for extended periods.

“Anita Sarkeesian’s videos are generally good arguments and points well made. Demonstrate how that is not the case.”

The hand sink was not properly supplied with soap or disposable towels. Add a door sweep to the rear exit door and close gap at the bottom to prevent entry of pests and outside debris.

Seriously, think about the implications of what you just said – if it’s immoral for a story to feature kidnapped victims with restricted agency even though the story takes a stance against them being kidnapped and is all about ending said restriction, and sexist in particular if those victims are female… then how is Star Wars not pro-tyranny and against non-rebels for featuring a bunch of oppressive tyrants opressing innocent people that get defeated by rebels? Dumbass.

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The Secretlab Omega Softweave gaming chair challenges the assumption that gaming chairs should be made from fake leather. Sure, leather simply looks cool, but as a gamer myself, I’ve long suspected there are more cynical reasons in play. The same stereotypes that assume we crave neon accents and flashy fonts also assume we spend our days dribbling Mountain Dew and Cheeto dust between our legs. If you buy into all of that, you’ll likely believe we’ll find fake leather more tolerant of munchie mishaps.

Our marriage took place on July 1st, 2001 in Ontario, Canada. Shortly thereafter she became pregnant and learned that it was going to be a baby boy. Both of our families were elated. It was the first child of the next generation on both sides. We debated back and forth about the name until we finally reached a unanimous decision: Muhammad Jibril Syed. Maria constantly listened to Surah Al-Baqarah during her pregnancy and prayed for him during this eight-month period. My job was to keep her happy! 

Employees must implement pH testing for the sushi rice since it is stored at room temperature. All raw fish must be sushi grade with parasite destruction in place. Cutting boards must be replaced or well-sanded periodically when they have excessive wear to prevent cross-contamination. Wiping cloths intended for use on customer tables or food contact surfaces must be sanitized in-between uses. Set up buckets properly and maintain them for use continually.

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100% Original Industrial Humidifier For Fabric And Yarn Humidification -<br />
 Weighing Balance - Sateri

You clearly haven’t seen them, otherwise you’d have to answer why you continue to defend her when she’s proven to be objectively wrong, she’s proven that she deliberately misleads people without dishonest arguments. This is simply proven, you can’t argue against facts, and then you have to explain just why she has that many “lies” per minute in her videos, you can’t chalk it up to mistakes, or else you’d have to admit she’s grossly incompetent. If she’s competent, then she’s simply dishonest. Its really that simple a choice at this point because you can’t argue against her track record. And simply dismissing the factual rebuttals of her videos as “inane ramblings” just shows your opinion is based on belief, not objective fact. No different than how a creationist can never be convinced, no matter how much scientific evidence is brought to bear, they will find a hole, and then immediately be convinced of their own case which has zero evidence at all. The problems aren’t opinion, the mountain of evidence against her videos and claims out there debunk her based on objective fact, not opinion, and so it can easily be fact checked. When she misrepresents a game, or cherry picks evidence for a claim in a dishonest way, this all can be confirmed, and it has been by many youtubers including, Thunderf00t, jordanowen42, internet aristocrat, dangerous analysis, aurini, the fantastic skeptic, investig8tivejournalism, GamingAnarchist and many others. Links on Anita’s long record of dishonesty On why in actuality there are more male protagonists in games and media. Рортал о отношениях для женщин и мужчин.

Choosing not to study something is not the same as ‘intentionally witholding information’. She does not have to be the source of information of a broader topic than the one she has decided to study.

>and I don’t view it as an attack on the medium, so we’re at an impasse regarding if it’s a contribution or not.

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