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Agreed!! Especially facebook accounts! sheikhs may Allah bless you all and your family.. .if you want to give dawah you dont have to put up your picture and keep updating your status. If you want to do dawah on facebook please do so by creating a group with some name instead of your name. Maybe something like “know a path straight and short to eternal bliss” or you know what i mean.

What’s your argument to defend a standpoint that repeating a trope where women are helpless (damsel’d) and needs a man to save her doesn’t normalise or reinforce that kind of thinking?

i wouldnt mind some consolation here. and if the Ulema are the best of our people, i really dont even want to think of what kind of a caveman i might eventually marry!

they can always do hifdh along with their Islamic studies…trust me hifdh helps a great deal in learning evidences and link subjects with their quranic ayahs.

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Don’t want to come across as too judjemental, but if you take the beard/hijab to be a yardstick, a far greater proportion of females don the hijab, than males growing their beards. Therefore outwardly females can seem more religious.

feminist in games want to kill games and gamers its a known agenda that ur pushing. research the shit before you let your little kiddies post their bad articles

Ok, well that is your opinion, and you are entitled to it, but it’s fairly obvious “boring and uninteresting” vs “primal and exciting” are points of view, rather than facts, no?

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China OEM With Movable Cabinets - Eye wash - Sateri

“How can you say that!? That’s the core message of her entire series! She was even saying that back in her Feminist Frequency vids! And YOU MAKE THE SAME CLAIM YOURSELF JUST A FEW PARAGRAPHS LATER!! To me, it’s incomprehensible that you could say something like this.”

Employees must either discard soups that are not consumed at the end of their shifts or properly implement a cooling protocol to minimize or avoid temperature abuse.

There are different kinds of religious belief; some value faith; others argue that that there totally is a God and they’ve arrived at that realization through rational, empirical means. Some, like Ken Ham, kinda try to have the cake, too, by saying the validity of their belief can be rationally demonstrated, but just in case it can’t, so what.

Sarkeesian sits in her videos only lambasting the same 2-3 genres over and over and tries to extrapolate that to the entire games industry and every genre of games. As if hidden Object Games, Educational Games, Social Media games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Adventure games etc etc etc don’t count. And she finds the most dubious studies with a number of participants so low that no respectable statistician would ever consider them valid, and makes sweeping generalizations.

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