Some Morons are Crowdfunding an Anti-Anita Sarkeesian Documentary | School Laboratory Furniture

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I can’t hear you over the shilling force in your gears, bro. Also, you haven’t backed a single thing you’ve said up with links or specifics. Enjoy your vague shillery.

Alhamdulilah, despite having many ‘girly’ crushes when growing up, I thank Allah that I was saved from having my sheikh crushes, maybe because by the time I got serious with knowledge I realised that marriage with these sheikhs are not a romantic fantasy.. its a big test.

It was on the sound of the Fajr adhan that I finally arose from my prostration. My cheeks and kurta (shirt) wet with tears and all that was left was contemplation. It seemed as if I was transitioning into yet a different train of thought. 

I am married to a Sheikh who tells me when it comes to sisters flirting with him he senses it right off the bat. He’s not a fool and it makes some of these sisters who develop infatuation or crushes really look lowly. So sisters think twice before you approach a Sheikh and present yourself to him.

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Nobody hates or wants to censor Anita because she is a woman. They despise her with abhorrent hate for almost single handedly dividing and poisoning our gaming culture with machiavellian feminist dogma. They hate her for what she’s done and her ideology she pushes – not her gender.

Well, sadly, no, it’s not uncommon. But what does seem fairly unique about Anita in particular is the sustained level of harassment. She received harassment with the advent of her kickstarter, at the mere suggestion of studying tropes, before a single video was ever made. Now however many months on people have threatened herself and her family to the extent she had to leave her house.

Good Article. Once in college during a session at the islamic club I was running a video lecture. I found a sister outside and invited her in. She asked me who the speaker was and I answered. Then she asked me if it was a video and started giggling. I am a girl myself and I know that these things happen but I believe that while girls should be given access to knowledge but it is also important that we embrace modesty in all forms and not only in terms of dress, as a sister rightly pointed out. May be every talk could start with a prologue about how the group has gathered for seeking knowledge and any fitna should be avoided. The organizers could do this and remind the audience to make sure that they lower their gaze and may be make the remind graphic also with a help of a huge poster.

From the feedback I have received, it seems that some people thought I was speaking against polygamy. I do not believe there is anything wrong with polygamy, rather it is a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

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Lastly, if you look at some of the dirt digged up in the past few weeks, it seems that some of the larger entities of the indie games sector are also behaving the same way. Indie games are an extremely beloved area of gaming, so when you see this kind of crony behavior, to this degree, in this sector of gaming, you’re going to have a lot of passionate people going apeshit.

I love it how you posted the picture of the two creators to make fun of them, just like other articles do. In fact, you went so far as to link someone’s twitter also making fun of them… Are you serious???

How can you say that!? That’s the core message of her entire series! She was even saying that back in her Feminist Frequency vids! And YOU MAKE THE SAME CLAIM YOURSELF JUST A FEW PARAGRAPHS LATER!! To me, it’s incomprehensible that you could say something like this.

Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizing concentration. Be sure to change the buckets every four hours. Clean the display cases and below workstations. Clean the floor sink.

Some Morons are Crowdfunding an Anti-Anita Sarkeesian Documentary | School Laboratory Furniture Related Video:

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