Ukraine’s Cabinet outlaws Russian passports issued in occupied Donbas | Document Cabinet

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Salam alykum, jazakAllah for the article. very beneficial, for me the reasons are- few practicing men available for marriage, less female scholars or teachers for female, and past life style- movie heroes replaced by Sheikhs.

And is it me, or does it seem like there is more of a scarcity of good brothers than sisters? Is this a phenonmena (not scientifically mesasured) that others notice as well? I think some readers that posted above have also caught on to this underlying root cause. I mean, I think alot of what is driving this is just sisters feeling that many brothers lack the qualities they are looking for in men. So, when they see a shaykh routinely exhorting people to be upright in character, perhaps it is not an impossible leap of imagination that they come to perceive the shaykh as embodying those principles – thus leading to a natural attraction.

There is a connection, but only some of the time. A lot of simple-minded antifems go around with this automatic assumption that any man white-knighting for a woman MUST be doing it to get laid – though you’re just as stupid, really.

So not to use theory or draw on anyone else’s ideas, but just posit your own opinions? I’m not sure that’s better, tbh. It just sounds less informed.

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Y’ani if the brother himself is very down to the point w/ the women, women’s hearts may not be moved also..u get what im saying?

Also I would like to say that at the end of the day, it takes two to tango. If someone were to fall into that pit, the shaykh most presumably, or hopefully anyway, should help the sister by not succumbing and also help himself by not taking part into something of that effect. I know theyre not made to be supernatural human beings of some sort and its not like we’re built in with emotional switches that we can easily turn off either but somebody’s gotta put things in place. Who else would it be if it isnt the shaykh since he has relatively more authority and perhaps less at stake (depending on how you see it anyway)?

Beyond trading confirmations, shred investment papers you don’t need. Year-end statements show all transactions for the year, allowing you to examine a year’s worth of activity on one paper while discarding all monthly or quarterly documents except that last one.

Cheap PriceList for Lab Tables With Undertable Cabinet -<br />
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The refinery will be set up near Subarnarekha Port in Balasore district, the statement by Odisha government said.

The hand sink is inoperable or does not have adequate water pressure. Do not dispose of food in the hand sink. Potentially hazardous raw food of animal origin is displayed above ready-to-eat foods. Food contact surfaces are not clean and are not being properly sanitized. Raw shrimp was found over fresh produce. There is no date marking system being used. There are no refrigerator thermometers. Condiments, sliced green onions and tofu need to be stored on ice at or below 41 degrees. The wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Clean and sanitize the ice machine. Replace the crockpot food warmer with commercial grade equipment. Replace scoops in bags of food. The dishwashing machine needs to be cleaned and descaled. The refrigerators, floors and hot holding equipment need to be cleaned and sanitized. The floor sink is dirty or blocked. The walls, ceilings, windows and skylights are not maintained in good repair. Place weather stripping at the bottom of the door to close the gap.

Revealing their photos like that… They didn’t post their pictures on the kick starter, they didn’t put their faces on the project. The only possible reason you’d want to share a picture of them is to get them harassed and targeted.

You can compare multiple facilities on Nursing Home Compare, as my colleague did when looking for the best spot for her mother. But keep in mind that star ratings are intended to be combined with other sources of information (such as a doctor’s recommendation) and shouldn’t substitute for visiting the nursing home in person. Indeed, after my coworker identified two possible facilities, she visited the one that had an available room and was pleased to learn it had high ratings for food service, something very important to her mother.

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