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Anita is a religionist. There is no valid reasoning behind her assertions, it’s all based on feelings.

“Others have threatened to kill her, rape her, bomb places she’s spoken at, and start a school shooting if she speaks.” Sorry, should’ve been more careful when I said “no one”. I wasn’t referring to the “threaters”, I was talking about statements regarding her wanting to “stop” or “change” games.

Prolong sitting on chairs can have an adverse impact on back, having the best chair does not mean you can avoid it. It is recommended to take short breaks, stretch your body a bit and continue. Especially gamers, who spend hours by just sitting in a single place, please refer the health risk below and some tips to avoid them or instantly seek for medical help.

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Renewable Design for Full Steel Structure Lab Workbench -<br />
  PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet - Sateri

Also, we’re hearing reports of “imams” abusing their position and taking advantage of sisters who come to them like this. Insha’Allah they’re isolated incidents, but it just reinforces the point of the article–Sisters, observe the same etiquette around scholars and students of knowledge as you would around other brothers!

a) Darwin said, and I quote, “to think that something as complex as the eye could’ve just evolved without any design or guidance would be outrageous” – now what do you think he’s saying here? Well, I’m using this quote to prove my point that even Darwin thought his theory was absurd.

In her case, I’d say the risk of her going from “any” to “all” is negligible – her arguments consistently rely on contrasting the “problems” with positive examples, real or hypothetical (her hilariously bad game pitch for instance), and hence ignoring all the ways those could be construed as problematic as much as the ones she’s criticizing at the moment.

I don’t actually agree with her on this point, because I think player freedom of choice – do make immoral misogynistic acts or not – is important, nay fundamental, to certain games. But it doesn’t matter that I disagree with her. She’s free to make the argument, and it isn’t mendacity or idiocy to do so.

Renewable Design for Full Steel Structure Lab Workbench -<br />
  PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet - Sateri

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The sanitizer concentration was 200 ppm. Ensure it stays between 50 and 100 ppm to allow surface areas to air dry.

Anita ain’t “in game”. There is evidence of her not even being a gamer, liking games, stealing footage, and not delivering what she promised. She’s an opportunist. And when she makes uneducated, flawed, biased videos, telling anonymous young adults what to think, like there’s some secret organization of men subjugating women? Of course people are going to be angry.

Yes, I know it started smaller. And how she got the money is a different story and irrelevant to the discussion at hand. My point of an active step is that she raised money to do this, collected $160K for whatever reason, and is putting all $160K to making videos demonizing video games that have content she finds offensive. For the record, I find some of the content offensive as well and won’t play some games like GTA.

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